Crowns & Bridges in Williamsville, NY

Crowns & Bridges in Williamsville, NY

Stewart Fenigstein, DDS

Crowns and bridges are a form of cosmetic dentistry that improve the shape, function and look of your smile. Unlike removable devices like dentures, crowns and bridges are cemented into implants or existing teeth, making them a permanent, sustainable solution.


Crowns are used to cover a damaged tooth or teeth that have undergone root canals. They can also be placed on top of implants in order to provide in order to provide the necessarily structure for oral function. Crowns are matched to the color of the wearer’s teeth and are made from a number of materials, including porcelain and ceramic.


Bridges are ideal for patients who are missing one or more teeth. Gaps due to missing or broken teeth can cause the teeth to shit within the mouth, resulting in a bad bite, and other complications such as gum disease and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

Bridges fill these gaps by spanning the space where teeth are missing. Replacement teeth — called pontics — are attached to the bridge to fill the gaps. Similar to crowns, bridges are available in a number of materials.